About Lifestyler

The bright idea of two of the Uk’s most successful female CEOs, Debbie Wosskow of love home swap and Anna Jones of Hearst Magazines, our goal is to make it easy for people looking for help with interior design, personal styling, wellness and photography to book personal sessions with the real experts.

Manchester based CEO Anastasia Kenyon and CTO Shane Armstrong (Previously Palette Official) are dedicated to creating a Lifestyle booking platform that can help transform the lives of so many looking to start or enhance their career. Whilst making it easy for clients to find and book lifestyle professionals at the touch of a button.

Lifestyler is a social booking site which enables any individual to discover, connect and book their next lifestyle professional. A professional can create a unique profile that syncs with existing social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & Twitter. We push all the content onto their Lifestyler profile enabling them to create a brand.

Clients can book Beauty Services, Interior Designers, Personal Stylists and more on site at the click of a button. We transfer the cash into the professionals account, making it a safer place to book and be booked.

We can’t wait for you to make a profile and start your Lifestyler Journey

The Lifestyler Team