Stress free mornings? Yes please!

Mornings are stressful enough without the added hassle of trying to find something to wear. Here are 5 tips on how a wardrobe detox can fix that.

We've all been there, it's a Monday morning and you're not quite ready for the work week ahead. Some people could just throw on whatever their hands land on but not you, you want to look great. Well, you are not alone. According to a new study from Marks & Spencer, the average woman spends 17 minutes every morning searching for something to wear to the office. 17 minutes! That adds up to four whole days every year frenziedly flinging garments around your bedroom before finally finding something you're 100% happy with.
With 62% of women in the survey of 2000 admitting to irrational tantrums as a result of this daily wardrobe rage and 21% saying that it had caused them to row with their partner, it seems like we could do with some expert LifeStyler advice. So we spoke with personal stylist Gabriella Lundgren to find out how a Wardrobe Detox could save you valuable time.


This may sound ridiculous — why would you hide your clothes when you’re already struggling to find something to wear? — but it can really help. If you have some pieces in your wardrobe that you’re not sure about but haven’t got rid of them just in case you might wear them on some rare occasion, then fold them up and put them in a bag for six months. If you haven’t missed them or can hardly remember what’s in that bag, then you know that you can do without them. So get rid. Leaving them as an unreliable outfit option is only adding extra minutes to your daily dressing woes.


Just like any retail store would do an inventory, you need to know what you have in your wardrobe in order to know what to buy next. It’s easy to forget that fourth striped top tucked back in the deepest, darkest corner. Start by dividing all your clothes into piles on your bed. Denim in one, dresses in another, shirts in a third, etc. Then go in deeper into each pile. Do you have four black t-shirts but no white ones? Well then you know what to add to your shopping list. And maybe have a think about whether you need all those black t-shirts.


Has your favourite cashmere sweater been shredded by moths but you just can’t seem to throw it away? Does your blue cocktail dress have a stain on it? Are those old favourite jeans in all honestly going to fit you again? We tend to keep many pieces in our wardrobe “just-in-case”. Take a trip to a dry cleaners that also does alterations and see if that stain can be removed, that cashmere jumper can be fixed and those jeans altered to your current body shape. Try to really just have those pieces in your wardrobe that are ready to wear. If not, they’re taking up valuable wardrobe space.


Let’s face it, a wardrobe gets messy. Once you have removed everything make sure you put it all back nice and neatly. Clean inside the shelves and rails. Invest in the same hangers — it’s going to look so much nicer and be easier to find items. Make sure buttons on the shirt are buttoned up and zippers closed. Imagine it as a luxury shop and how the expensive items would hang on the rail. I also hang a few lavender bags or put them on the shelves. Not only does it smell good but it also keeps the moths away!


A lot of the time, when it comes to our wardrobe, we can’t see the possible outfits for the single pieces. Maybe those jeans look great with a top you only thought you could wear with a skirt. Get inspiration from your style icons on Pinterest and look through your own wardrobe. Maybe you can come up with new looks just by copying them? Be creative! Better still, work with a personal stylist on a Wardrobe Detox to find new ways to wear your favourite items that will suit your signature style.

Sold? Book your very own personal session with Gabriella and watch her transform your wardrobe.