ā€œI got dressed by a personal stylist and she turned me into an adult.ā€ Metro columnist Miranda Larbi shares her style transformation with LifeStylist Boo Attwood.

Despite having been to fashion school and having subscribed to any number of glossy, expensive magazines, Miranda Larby still describes her dress sense as that of a "messy child". At work, she can often be found in kilts not dissimilar to those worn by convent pupils, or three-quarter high waisted jeans off of the ā€™80s. At LifeStyler we celebrate having fun with fashion and personal style but we also believe in looking your stylish best. So we sent LifeStylist Boo Attwood to sprinkle some fashion dust over the lovely Miranda and take her out of the 80s.
"I was pretty apprehensive.The whole Uber-for-stylists vibe sounded a bit odd.Where they going to try and make me wear something ridiculous that would show my bony chest? Where they going to make my legs even smaller? Was I going to have to go around in long, flowing dresses that Iā€™d inevitably trip over?"
Just like most women, Miranda had a list of things stopping her from looking her absolute best. Money - Time - Sheer laziness - Having a too-long torso and not-long-enough legs...
Nothing a great stylist can't fix. Read the full article below to experience the style transformation in her own words

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