Marta Bator-Purska
Manchester,Manchester, United Kingdom
About Marta
Hi! I am Marta - an empathetic and organised individual with an artist's soul.

I am MA Interior Design graduate from the Manchester Metropolitan University. My BA studies in Interior Design I undertook in the Katowice School of Technology, in Poland.

I started freelancing as an Interior Designer in 2013, committing public and commercial projects.
I have gained an essential experience from renovation through bespoke furniture design to space planning. My recent commision in UK was the collaboration with the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital.

In my work, I love taking challenges and making things that in the beginning seem impossible. I also like performing projects with low budget, using craft and old furniture. While creating a perfect space for you, I will put your preferences right in the core as your smile after completed project is the goal.

To read more about me and see my work - please visit my website: https://mbatorpurska.wixsite.com/mysite