Asia Aliwa
Stretford,Manchester, United Kingdom
About Asia
I am an BA(Hons) Interior Design graduate from the University of Salford. As a designer I aim to design spaces that create new experiences, even from everyday activities, that are centred around the needs and wants of the user.
I have worked on core practices of Interior Design, that of project analysis, design development, material research and concept designs, as well as designing miniature models with different scales using a variety of materials. I am able to plan, organise and monitor the progress of the project at hand.

In my spare time I enjoy working on handcrafts and the art of drawing mandalas. I get inspiration from Islamic designs and patterns. I try to challenge myself to always create and developed my designs into other aspects of design.

I am also fluent in two languages English and Arabic.

Website (portfolio) - http://aaesign.wixsite.com/aaesign