Miya Mizuno
London, United Kingdom
About Miya
I'm a Film and Television stills photographer based in London, UK.

I developed my passion for photography in 2000 and was self taught until I studied a BA Honours at The University of Westminster. During this time I honed in my skills though personal projects & work. I am inspired to create imaginative narrative portraiture that often involves constructing sets to create a scene illustrating stories or feelings from a particular moment in time.

In 2010 I lived in Tokyo for a year, it was during this time that I began falling in love with documentary style photography - the Japanese culture is so original and diverse! I continue to do so in London, working for newspapers, magazines and events. I have an added passion for editing in post & retouching.

For me I personally feel that is wasn't my education in photography that got me to where I am today but my passion and love for taking and wanting to create beautiful images.

I am soft and gentle and super lovely to work with, book me!