Sebastian Remme
London, United Kingdom
About Sebastian
I am a experienced photographer with a demonstrated history of working in the photography industry. Skilled in Events, Portrait, Interior Photography. Strong arts and design professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Contemporary photography from The University of the creative arts Rochester.

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Abandoned, Vegan City, Philippines
Vegan City, Philippines
Christmas parade, Philippines, Lago City
I took this photo whilst in the Philippines, Lago City when I was crossing a bridge and I saw this kid playing in the river bed.
Downpour in the Philippines, Catanduanes Vairc, Island. Even I was finding it hard to stay dry and had to wrap my camera to make sure that it didn't get absolutely drenched using a recycled plastic bag.
Proud grandmother, Legazpi City, Philippines.
Just after Sunset I walked down this railway line which I was greeted by some lovely locals, Legazpi City, Philippines.
Sunset, Legazpi City, Philippines.
On the way back from seeing Mayon Volcano I came across this family - the father asked me if I would take a photo of his family with the volcano in the background. Legazpi City, Philippines. (3/3)
Mayon Volcano, Legazpi City, Philippines. (2/3)