Stacey Louise Pepworth
Manchester,Manchester, United Kingdom
About Stacey Louise
I am a freelance Personal stylist, Interior stylist, Visual artist and Choreographer. I have over 3 years experience working in Fashion retail as both a Stylist and Visual Merchandiser. I am highly creative and passionate and encourage people to be playful and creative with their styling choices as it is important to show off your personality.
I am a professional dancer and choreographer and qualified to masters degree level. Dance and styling might seem like polar opposites but I like to cross over my creativity in both and be inspired by them both. I have a huge love for fashion choreography and am aiming to create fashion videography throughout the next year. I am also a researcher, currently looking into 'Performative costume'.
My favourite colour is red, although I am an avid blue (Man City fan) and I am known for having a wardrobe that resembles a botanical garden. ( I love floral prints, and print in general).