Agnieszka Migew
London,London, United Kingdom
About Agnieszka
. I have been working in a fast pace retail industry for a few years where I developed my strong interest in fashion and eye for details. I went to college to study fashion design to develop more skills which I would find useful when working in the fashion industry. After finishing college I have gone onto different jobs which I didn’t think were the right path for me and finally decided to start working as a personal shopper/stylist for a few private clients. I have been working as a personal stylist in my free time. I enjoy working with people and helping them too choose the right clothes and style which would fit their personality and figure. I follow fashion trends to bring the most current styles to the clients. I have an eye for details and I can easily put things together .I am very creative person and being a personal stylist fulfill myself in the sense of helping people but also doing what I really enjoy at the same time.