Jess Sexton
Watford, United Kingdom
About Jess

An enthusiastic and determined individual, I use the skills I have learnt to progress and challenge myself in my work. With a range of interests, a love of traveling and experiencing new things, painting, reading and drawing I'm always learning more about myself than I ever knew that I could.​ I love to experiment and teach myself new skill and I have greatly improved already, although I still have much to learn.

I don't have any particular preference to my subjects, as I believe that they are all amazing and fun to shoot in their own ways. Whether it be animals or people and their emotions, or stunning architecture from all over the world. I make it my mission to showcase each in all their glory.
Pretty kitty #kittycat
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Messing with some old photos #photoshoppractice #notgreat #needmorepractice #determinedtosucceed
More photos in the paper #proud
How I've spent my day #photoshop #drawing #art #cat #elsa #hands