Lee Wheatley
Prestwood,Great Missenden, United Kingdom
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About Lee
Ive worked as Art Director and Creative Director for twenty years, across advertising, publishing, and digital. In that time I learned not only how to dream up the photo, but also how to take it. I specialise in authentic caught moments. I prefer shooting outside in locations as i find them more interesting, but i'm perfectly fine with shooting indoors. I try to enable my shots to look natural, and i keep retouching to a minimum. The amount of productions I've worked on have taught me how to shoot and direct models at the same time - not an easy thing to do. Let me know if you are up for a shoot, be it portrait, business, or industrial, you will always get a set of commercial standard images. I will also do special rates for those that are willing to sign a model release so i can include the images in an agency.
Because I can #marathontraining
My favourite person in the world xxx
Playing at being surgeons
Great neon shoot with Delly Allen
The kids not fighting for a change
Jacob waiting for a beer