Zaafir Salam
Manchester,Manchester, United Kingdom
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About Zaafir
Hello! My name is Zaafir, and I am a photographer based in Manchester. I have an incredible passion and obsession with photography. I first got into photography, after viewing some pictures on Instagram in January 2016. I was amazed by the quality, and how the picture was focused on the subject and the bokeh (background blur of the image). After that moment, I purchased my first DSLR camera and started shooting.

I specialise in portrait, street, lifestyle, and travel photography. I have worked with many models and freelance photographers. When shooting with clients, I always try my best to make it a pleasant experience for them, hoping that they are satisfied with the shoot.

I am currently a second-year university student, in Business School. I love travelling, I travel abroad nearly every summer. I recently visited Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE. I had an awesome time there, and I met some cool people.

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